When it comes to the discussion of skincare techniques and wellness, it is imperative to keep in mind that the epidermis is an organ and must be treated with care. Skin that appears blotchy, red, and dry is not only irritating but might be an indication that the overall health of this important organ is a cause for concern. Furthermore, blemished or unhealthy facial skin plays an emotional toll on those who experience these issues as it inhibits how they feel about their appearance, often times resulting in a decrease of self-confidence. However, with the right tips for glowing skin, it is possible to transform formerly troubled skin into a glowing, smooth appearance to be proud of.


1. Schedule Regular Facials 

Whether your skincare goal is to reduce the effects of aging, treat blemishes from acne, or diminish the appearance of pores, there are a variety of facial treatments designed to meet these goals. Some treatments such as the Red Carpet 24 Karat Gold Facial even utilize the benefits of minerals like gold, due to its detoxifying properties which reduce the level of acne-causing bacteria to prevent blemishes.


2. Apply Occasional Masks for Brilliant-Looking Skin

Similar to facials, there are a number of organic face masks designed to promote glowing, healthy-looking skin. These products can be used in the privacy of your own home, and when followed with a serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen, they leave the skin looking clean and supple. Some varieties like the Magic Bamboo & Charcoal Mask not only reduce the appearance of sunspots and hyperpigmentation but also exfoliate the skin to create a clearer, more radiant complexion.


3. Always Wear Sunscreen

The invasive UV rays from the sun are dangerous and damaging to the skin. Prolonged exposure to the sun without protection not only dries out the skin, but can leave unsightly sunspots and sagginess. Luckily, many natural facial sunscreens designed for facial use are gentle and breathable, as they contain elements that both protect and moisturize.  Some products, like this Tinted Facial Mineral Protectant (SPF 40), can be used in lieu of normal foundation as it also helps even out skin tone.

4. Use Retinol Products

Retinoids (retinol products) contain Vitamin A derivatives that helps to reduce fine lines, remove discoloration, and even unclog pores. These products are very popular for individuals who experience acne due to their effectiveness in cleansing the pores, often reducing blemishes and breakouts. Although some creams that contain retinol might cause dry skin as a side effect, products like this Rejuvenate: Retinol Creme contain other natural elements such as Jojoba Oil and Green Tea that helps maintain moisturized, silky-smooth skin.


5. Use a Gentle Exfoliator

Although you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin every day, it is important to remove the combination of dead skin cells, bacteria, and irritants from your pores several times a week. These deep cleansing methods prevent breakouts, promote glowing skin, and keep the appearance of facial epidermis smooth. For example, this organic Clear Skin Cleanser contains lavender, hibiscus petals, and gentle beads which help to slough off dead skin and reduce the appearance of pores.


6. Use Bath Bombs in Your Bubble Baths

Having a bath is a fantastic way to relax and pamper yourself. But why stop there? Try adding bath bombs to your next bath to step up your game. Bath bombs are packed with essential oils and nutrients that are excellent for your skin. You can even customize your homemade DIY bath bombs to the specific needs that you may have. Try adding rose oil and coconut oil for the smoothest skin!


For more skincare tips and information on available products, please contact European Skin & Massage Studio today. And if you’re looking for the best lash lift in Santa Monica, check out Santa Monica Lash Lift for an appointment!

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