As technology evolves, the healthcare industry will evolve as well. As a result, there’s a new product or diet that becomes the latest craze because of its benefits. At one point, everyone talked about the benefits of acai berries. Then, people raved about MCT oil and the Keto diet. Now, so many people are learning about the benefits of CBD oil. Granted, there are plenty of people who are skeptical because of how its source. However, it’s important to avoid judging a book by its cover.

Marijuana is also referred to as cannabis. Cannabis contains a number of cannabinoids. One of which is called CBD. Another one of the cannabinoids is called THC. The powerful fact about CBD is that you can consume it without getting high. This is the main concern of most people when they think about products containing CBD. You can receive the healing benefits of cannabis through CBD. While the verdict is still out, many practitioners and health professionals believe that CBD oil is very beneficial for the skin in many capacities. Consider some of the few.

1. Acne

Though acne is often touted as a hormonal issue teenagers deal with as they traverse through puberty, there are more than 50 million adult Americans who suffer from acne. While there are different triggers for acne, it’s typically creating through clogged pores. When the pores are clogged with sebum and dirt, you’ll get acne. A person with oily skin has a different relationship with sebum than most people because sebum is over-produced in their case. When you have an overproduction of sebum mixed with dead skin cells and poor cleansing habits, there’s a recipe for disaster. CBD oil can reduce the production of acne because it potentially can shift the way the body produces sebum. When you’re able to decrease the amount of sebum that’s produced and the way it’s produced, this can lead to a decrease or elimination of acne altogether.

2. Anti-Aging

Many people have a very surface-level understanding of the impact aging has on the skin. They just know that it’s good to lather on tons of anti-aging serums and potions to keep the wrinkles at bay. Truthfully, it’s more complex than that. As you age, your skin loses collagen, tightness, and moisture. The goal of anti-aging products is to slow down the process and preserve the skin’s youthful glow. Yes, a lack of sleep, poor dietary habits and a lack of water can impact the skin’s ability to age well. However, products play a role too. Consider using CBD oil on the skin to decrease the chances of pronounced fine lines, wrinkles and more. Even though you will naturally lose collagen as you age, you can slow down the breakdown with the implementation of CBD oil into your skincare regimen.

3. Dry Skin

CBD oil is multi-faceted because it can help to change the way sebum gets produced within the body. At the same time, it can also provide moisture. When you use it as a serum, it’s best to use it once you’ve washed your skin and it’s still damp. When you’re looking to retain moisture for dry skin, it’s always important to make sure the moisturizing process happens shortly after you’ve washed your skin. Once the face is damp, massage CBD oil in as well as your cream-based moisturizer of choice. This oil will help you to lock in the moisture for a longer amount of time.

4. Eczema

Millions are impacted by eczema. The impacts of eczema are often felt from infancy. If you’re an adult who’s struggled with eczema, it’s a good idea to experience the CBD skincare benefits. When a person suffers from eczema, the skin is chronically dry. Since CBD oil for skincare can provide moisture, it’s an excellent idea to consider a regimen that includes it. You’ll also want to use heavier creams. There are medical-grade creams that contain CBD oil in them. Within a study done at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, out of 21 patients, eight were able to get rid of the extreme itchiness they felt as a result of using a cannabinoid cream. They religiously used it twice a day for three weeks. From this study, researchers were able to see how there is a direct connection between cannabinoids and the reduction of dry skin.

5. Hyper-pigmentation/Scarring

Hyperpigmentation is quite possibly one of the biggest woes a person can face. It’s as if having acne wasn’t bad enough. Now, acne has left a seemingly permanent scar to remind you of what you suffered through. Thankfully, there are ways to eliminate hyperpigmentation. Cell turnover rate is key. If you’re receiving a CBD facial treatment, be sure to get one that includes a step that involves cell turnover. The right esthetician will help you to slough off dead skin cells through exfoliating treatments (chemical or physical) to encourage the emergence of new (unscathed) skin cells.

6. Sun Protection

The sun sits high in the sky, yet has the power to inflict damage on the skin. In addition to wearing SPF every single day, you can also reinforce the SPF by adding some CBD oil to the mix. This oil can serve as a protective barrier for your skin in relation to the sun. The more protection you have, the better off you’ll be. One of the reasons why free radicals are part of the skin conversation is because if not managed, they can play a role in damaging and aging the skin tremendously. The sun triggers free radicals. After dousing your face in SPF and CBD oil, these products will trigger skin protection.

7. Natural

So many people are looking for a natural alternative to a lot of the pharmaceutical treatments within the marketplace. If there is a way to get the healing and relief without a prescription, many are choosing that route. After all, most medicines have lots of side effects that can be potentially uncomfortable to deal with. If you choose to introduce CBD oil into your skincare regimen, be mindful of the side effects that can come with natural products. Because there isn’t enough conclusive research on CBD oil, it’s hard to know how much of it is necessary in order to be effective. Furthermore, you don’t know the adverse reactions you might experience when you use the oil with other products. For example, CBD oil mixed with a Vitamin C serum on your skin might cause a reaction that you weren’t expecting. This isn’t to say that you can’t still experience CBD skincare benefits. It’s just to be known that even though it’s natural doesn’t mean that it’s free of flaws.

8. Psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease that impacts over eight million Americans. With this disease, the skin cells grow at a rapid pace that’s seemingly impossible to keep up with. While there is no current cure for psoriasis, there are tons of lifestyle changes and therapies people use to manage the symptoms. In addition to regularly seeing a professional for recommendations, CBD oil can alleviate some of the impacts of psoriasis. This is because there is research showing the connection between CBD oil and the decrease of skin cell division. If you’re able to decrease the skin cell division, you’ll automatically decrease the appearance of psoriasis on the skin.

9. Inflammation

When the skin is inflamed, this can manifest in a variety of ways. Whether an individual is struggling with eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, inflammation plays a major role. Many skincare professionals will encourage an anti-inflammatory diet because what you eat plays a role in how your skin looks. An anti-inflammatory diet will include fruits, fiber, and vegetables. It’ll also eliminate sugar, dairy, and grease. CBD oil is helpful for topical use in the fight to reduce inflammation. The key is to make sure that the CBD oil you’re using is a medical-grade option. Because a lot of CBD oil products aren’t regulated by the FDA, there’s no guarantee of what you’re actually getting..

It doesn’t matter what type of skin issues you possess. Whether there is a will to get proper treatment and great regimens, there is a way to achieve clear, glowing skin. While medical professionals are still exploring the potential benefits of consuming CBD oil for health, it’s clear that CBD oil can’t hurt you. You can also use the oil in conjunction with great WODA European Natural Skincare. In my European Skin Care Studio in Santa Monica, you can experience CBD Facial Treatment and get recommendations on what products are best to use depending on your skin type.

To your heath!


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