The decision to gift yourself with a facial is one that provides a slew of fantastic benefits. European Skin and Massage Studio offers many wonderful facial options, including anti-aging and gold mask facials. Review a few facial benefits before selecting which option from the Santa Monica-based beauty studio is best for you.


Anti-aging facials reveal smoother, more youthful complexions in several ways. For example, gold mask facials stimulate skin cells to reduce the appearance of fine lines, sun damage, wrinkles, and age spots. They also improve skin circulation and help firm flesh so it looks increasingly supple and fresh. Other general anti-aging facial benefits include improved skin texture, less inflammation, greater luminosity, and less collagen depletion.

Consider scheduling regular anti-aging facials to keep skin looking beautifully-youthful without resorting to surgery.

Stress Relief

Facials help stress melt away! Whether you are stressed because of work, the kids, the increasingly-high laundry pile that has you wondering what happened to the cat, or any other reason, enjoy the stress relief a facial brings. It allows you to do something solely for you, and therefore focus on yourself. Facials make it easy to forget about your never-ending to-do list and help you realize that everything will get done just as it always does. Stress has a huge impact on physical, emotional, and mental health, and can eventually cause you to look haggard and permanently worried. Deal with stress in healthy ways to maintain a beautiful appearance, such as with anti-aging facials and other treatments.


Total relaxation is another fabulous facial benefit. Relaxation works in conjunction with stress relief to reveal a refreshed, re-energized you. Lying on a table or in a comfy chair with your eyes closed as your face gets pampered is always a relaxing experience, and one you’ll easily want more and more of. Today’s world is more fast-paced than ever, so taking time to do nothing but relax is well worth the mental and emotional benefits.

Enjoy the many beautiful benefits of facials by booking a session at European Skin and Massage Studio today! Contact the studio for more information.

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